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Finding Your Resort in Aspen

When it comes to resorts and finding the right resort in Aspen, Colorado, there's no need to look further. Our Aspen Resort Guide will show you everything. Most resorts are near attractions that Aspen offers: shopping, culture, nightlife, and of course outdoor adventure. Often times, choosing the right resort might be difficult, due to the fact that there are so many in Aspen to choose from. This week our blog crew takes a closer look at a few of the best resorts that Aspen has to offer. We've recruited the help of Kevin Burton, Frias' web marketing manager. Part of Kevin's job is keeping track of our entire photo library which includes photos of every unit we manage. Kevin has been to every complex and practically every unit that Frias manages. So you could say he knows the cream of the crop.

Q: Where's the best resort to stay in Aspen? A: aEUoeIt depends on your budget. The two I would recommend would be the Hyatt Grand Aspen and the Independence Square hotel.aEU:

What's your favorite resort and why? A: aEUoeI like the Independence Square. I actually proposed to my wife on the roof there! It's an old, historic hotel that's been redone into individual condominiums. It's been around since the late 1800s and is just a really neat building. Also, that's more in my budget. If I ever visited Aspen, that's where I would stay. I've had friends stay at the Indy before and they love it. Another very nice resort is the Fasching Haus. It has a great courtyard pool and hot tub area and some very nice lodging, mostly deluxe rated. Really anything in the Galena Street Neighborhood is great.aEU

Q: I'm looking for something quiet and out of the way. What do you recommend? A: aEUoeThe Ritz-Carlton Club is located at Aspen Highlands. This resort is a neat little village about 5 minutes from downtown Aspen. There's great skiing there - ski-in, ski-out - and some really cool shops. It's kind of a local's favorite. The Ritz-Carlton, of course, has all the luxury amenities you could ask for. Very first class.aEU

Q: I want to be in the middle of all the action. Where do I stay? A: aEUoeAgain, I'd say the Independence Square or the Hyatt. The Indy also has a breakfast bar, ski lockers and a rooftop hot tub and sun deck that has front-row views of Aspen Mountain. The Hyatt is only about a block from the Indy, but is total luxury at its finest. It's so nice. The amenities like the pool and workout center are really top notch.aEU:

How do I book resort lodging in Aspen? A: aEUoeThat's the easy part. Book online or give us a call. Some of the nicer luxury resorts like the Ritz, Hyatt and St. Regis Residence Club can only be booked by calling for current rates and availability."

Q: How soon should I make reservations? A: aEUoeAs soon as possible - especially if you want to come during a peak time like New Year's, Food & Wine, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.aEU

Q: I want a luxury resort in Aspen - the best of the best. What's your recommendation? A: aEUoeThe Hyatt Grand is the best of the best in downtown Aspen. The Ritz-Carlton at Highlands is also so luxurious that it's hard to pick!aEU

Q: I want to get around town, but don't want to drive or rent a car. What should I do? A: aEUoeMost of the resorts on the luxury end have complimentary in-town transportation - like the Ritz, Hyatt and St. Regis.aEU

Q: Where's the best resort to stay if I want to ski Aspen Mountain? A: aEUoeThe Residences at the Little Nell are new and right on the slopes. Frias offers lodging there as well. It's literally right next to the Silver Queen Gondola at Aspen Mountain. The Hyatt and Indy are about a block from the gondola.aEU

Q: How can I become an owner? Is that even possible? A: aEUoeActually, yes. Frias brokers have what are called aEU~fractional listings' all the time. It's sort of like a timeshare situation. A Frias broker could tell you all about it. Also, you can outright buy condominiums at the Independence Square, because all the condos are individually owned. If you're interested in any type of real estate, I would direct you to Pam Bakios at She's our real estate pro and can give you the scoop!aEU

Q: Anything else I need to know? A: aEUoeThe only thing I would add is that when you come to Aspen and book with Frias, please utilize our concierge desk. They can really make life easier for you by booking all of your dining and outdoor adventures.