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Four ways to enjoy fall in Aspen

Posted: 23 Aug 2017

When autumn arrives in Aspen, peaks and valleys flash their colorful farewell to summer. Golden aspen groves are the stars of the show, but the sunny days, ideal daytime temperatures, and scarce crowds are equally delightful.

While autumn may feel like it's just around the corner, Aspen's leaf-changing season is quite long. Fall colors start to transition in the high country in early September, and they do not peak in town until mid-to-late October.

If you're eager to see Aspen's seasonal spectacle, read on to learn more about our four favorite ways to enjoy fall in Aspen.

  1. Bike up Castle Creek and Maroon Creek Roads. We love a ride with a reward, and both of these paved roads offer treats at the top!
    Biking to the Maroon Bells in the fall

    Biking in Aspen in the fall; photo: Marcus Blue

    The nine-mile Maroon Creek ride finishes at Maroon Lake with views of the Maroon Bells. In the fall, the vista is framed by golden aspen groves, and the Bells are often snow-capped and picture perfect.

    Castle Creek Road climbs thirteen miles from town and summits at the Pine Creek Cookhouse, a gourmet restaurant that serves lunch with a spectacular view. During the fall, riders are treated to massive swaths of colorful trees along the way.

    Both roads have smooth pavement and low car traffic, ideal for stress-free road biking.

    For more information, contact the Frias Properties concierge and request our Aspen Biking Guide.

  2. Hike from Aspen to Crested Butte. Aspen locals journey over the 12,500-foot West Maroon Pass to Crested Butte as a summer ritual, and those truly in-the-know plan their sojourn in the fall. The two ski towns are 100 miles apart by car, but they're only 11 miles via West Maroon Trail!

    In September, river crossings are low and trail traffic is light. Another bonus: hikers get to experience a huge variety of fall colors; there's a dramatic difference between the Aspen side and the Crested Butte side of the pass!

    For more information about hiking to Crested Butte, contact the Frias Properties concierge.

  3. Play an afternoon round of golf. Striking a ball at high altitude is a treat during any season, but autumn brings comfortable daytime temperatures, an end to afternoon thunderstorms, and a golden glow to the golf courses in Aspen.
    Aspen Golf Club

    Pyramid Peak from Aspen Golf Club

    The award-winning Aspen Golf Club is open to the public and lowers greens fees after Sept. 10 and again in October. Golfers are treated to spectacular views of Pyramid Peak from many holes.

    The Snowmass Club offers a completely different vantage point of fall colors, with views of Snowmass ski area and snow-capped Mount Daly in the distance. The course is open to the public after 1 p.m., a reliable time to hit the links in September and October.

  4. Mountain bike in the Hunter Creek Valley. All of Aspen's mountain biking trails are at their prime during fall months when tacky single track is carpeted with golden aspen leaves.

    The Hunter Creek Valley is close to downtown Aspen and offers miles of trails that wind through aspen groves and spruce forests. Bikers can connect Hunter Creek trails to Four Corners trails for a long day on the dirt and tons of opportunities to stop and enjoy the colorful show.

    For more information, contact the Frias Properties concierge and request our Aspen Biking Guide.

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