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Frias Staff Spotlight: Julie Adams, Vacation Specialist

Posted: 22 Jul 2015

As one of our lead vacation specialists, Julie Adams spends her days assisting guests with planning wonderful Aspen vacations. A Kansas City-area native, Julie was first drawn to Aspen in 1990 because of the town's immense beauty. She's been with Frias for 14 years, and has previously lived downvalley.

When she's not helping guests plan perfect getaways, Julie can usually be found hanging out with her beloved Golden Retriever, Bentley, spending time with family, or riding her motorcycle. This week, our blog team sits down with Julie to discuss all things Aspen. With years of experience in planning great vacations, she's a fountain of useful information.

Q: What's your favorite restaurant in town? A: "Pinon's."

Q: What do you usually order there? A: "Herb roasted rack of Colorado lamb."

Q: Where's a good place to grab a beer or drink? A: "J-Bar at the Hotel Jerome." Q: Where's a good place to grab a quick snack? A: "Paradise Bakery or Big Wrap."

Q: What retail stores or local shopping should I do while in Aspen? A: "Amen Wardy for special occasions/unique gifts."

Q: What's one thing that I should not miss while I'm in Aspen? A: "Maroon Bells."

Q: What's the one thing you have to do while in Aspen? A: "Visit the Wheeler/Stallard Museum."

Q: Do you prefer the summer or winter season? A: "Summer."

Q: What summer activities do you enjoy? A: "Golfing, boating, hiking and riding my motorcycle."

Q: What's the one thing I should make time for during a summer visit to Aspen? A: "A visit downvalley."

Q: How would you describe the summers here? A: "Bliss."

Q: What winter activities do you enjoy? A: "Snowmobiling; snowshoeing at the Roaring Fork Club with my Golden Retriever."

Q: Do you ski or snowboard? A: "Ski."

Q: Where is your favorite place to ski or snowboard? A: "Snowmass."

Q: What's your favorite Frias Property complex? A: "Fasching Haus."

Q: If your parents were coming to town, where would you recommend they stay? A: "Chateau Eau Claire. The complex has an elevator and it's on the river!"

Q: If a group of your friends were coming to Aspen, where would you recommend they stay? A: "Depending on their needs; any place in Aspen is simply AMAZING!" Q: What's the best thing about Aspen? A: "Everything. ... Charm." Thanks, Julie. Those are some great recommendations. If a future guest calls Frias for Aspen lodging information, there's a good chance Julie will be on the other end, ready to provide assistance.