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If You Get Hurt While On Vacation In Aspen: Overview of Medical Services

Posted: 3 Feb 2015

Should you sustain an injury or need medical services while in Aspen, Colorado, you can rest assure that there is a variety of world-class medical facilities and medical professionals throughout the valley that can quickly get you feeling better. This week our blog team outlines the medical services available in Aspen what you can do to get on the road to recovery. If you're injured on the mountain, the first responders you see will probably be the Ski Patrol. They are there to provide safety and assistance in the event of an on-mountain incident. They are professionally trained and offer premier service and care. They will be able to identify your injury and get you some assistance. The Aspen/Snowmass Ski Patrol is one of the most recognized patrols in Colorado. Feel safe, they are the best.

Aspen Valley Hospital (AVH), located at 0401 Castle Creek Road (about 1 mile outside of Aspen) is the local hospital. AVH is known as the valley's premier medical facility and offers the best of both worlds: all the medical expertise of a major metropolitan area combined with the care and personal attention of a small-town hospital. AVH is the first hospital in Colorado to be selected as a member of the Mayo Cline Network. Due to this partnership, physicians in Aspen have Mayo Clinic expertise readily available. The Mayo Clinic is known as a world leader in the latest treatment and research. AVH is a designated Level III Trauma Center and is designated as a Critical Access Hospital. The hospital is also a fully accredited by The Joint Commission, and has a strong emphasis on orthopedics and sports medicine - as would be expected in a town where skiing and other sports are so popular. Should you sustain an injury while on the mountain, your first stop will probably be at AVH. The hospital provides a wide spectrum of medical services depending on the specific injury. Unless your injury requires a special treatment or surgery, you will probably be treated at AVH. Just like any hospital, it does a number or in-patient and out-patient procedures around the clock, and has an emergency room should the need arise. Aspen Medical Care has two offices - one in aspen and another in Basalt - and offers three full-time family physicians and a physician assistant who provide medical care. And, with two pediatricians on staff, the offices can provide help for everyone ranging from newborns to grandparents. Aspen Medical Care started in Aspen in 1997, born from a vision to merge old-fashioned health care with more modern medical services. In 2009, Aspen Medical Care moved to its present location at 101 Founders Place, Suite #109, located at Obermeyer Place. The Basalt Office is at 204 Basalt Center Circle in Basalt. Both facilities offer an array of services. Both offices have a friendly and welcoming front and back staff and strive to do everything in their power to make their patients feel comfortable. The two offices also share electronic medical records so patients can choose between either office with the greatest of ease.

Should you become ill or suffer any other ailment that does not require immediate emergency attention, you can contact Aspen Medical Care. Their staff can assess your medical situation and advise you if you should go to the hospital. They can also prescribe medications and other basic medical services. If you need immediate emergency assistance, always call 9-1-1 or proceed to Aspen Valley Hospital. For almost everything else, take a closer look at Aspen Medical Care. Aspen Sports Medicine, located at 616 E. Hyman Avenue, is a world-class sports medicine clinic that has a hands-on approach and an experienced staff. Physical therapists, chiropractors and person trainers offer a number of therapy techniques to get you better, faster. Located near the base of Aspen Mountain, the clinic is open to both resident and visitors, and works closely with are orthopedic medical groups. Aspen Sports Medicine is an internationally recognized sports medicine clinic with a small mountain town feel. World-class athletes, influential leaders, and Aspen locals alike converge here for the "hands-on" approach of an experienced staff. With more than 60-plus years of combined experience in the field, Aspen Sports Medicine is suited to handle a full range of medical conditions ranging from acute sports injuries to chronic repetitive stress injuries. Should you need rehabilitation services while in Aspen, one of your choices will be Aspen Sports Medicine. Rest assured that they offer the highest standards of professional attention, and welcome your trust in their care.