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Lodging In Aspen, Colorado Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

Posted: 14 Apr 2015

Lodging in Aspen, Colorado, comes in all shapes and sizes - from quaint lodge rooms right on the mall in downtown Aspen to stunning 7-bedroom private estates at some of the most exclusive private communities in the world. Contrary to popular belief, no matter your price range, there's lodging available in Aspen. Frias Properties manages and rents more than 200 condominiums, townhouses and private homes in Aspen, many of which are located downtown near all of the town's amenities, culture and nightlife.

Choosing the right property for you can be tricky with so many options at your fingertips. This week, our blog team takes a closer look at all the different types of lodging in Aspen with the assistance of Kevin Burton, web marketing manager at Frias Properties. Kevin oversees the Frias website and manages all of the property listings on the site. He also works closely with the Frias team of brokers in the company's Custom Rentals division, which offers even more choices for guests. He's uniquely qualified to give us the lowdown on all the great properties available. Let's sit down for a little Q&A.

Q: What types of properties does Frias offer? A: aEUoeWe have an accommodation ratings system for our properties. We use a 4-tier ratings system: All of our properties are rated either luxury, deluxe, standard or economy. We offer everything from lodge rooms to 7-bedroom estates. Also, our team of brokers are available to find additional options, if needed.aEU

Q: What is a lodge room? A: aEUoeIt's basically like a traditional hotel room. The Independence Square in downtown Aspen is a historic hotel that has lodge rooms. It's a room with a bed, TV and bathroom. Just like a normal hotel room. Each unit is decorated differently, and each one has its own character. The Indy is a nice place to stay for couples or singles. It's right downtown, near to the nightlife, shopping, Aspen Mountain gondola and the free local bus route.aEU

Q: Tell us more about the 4-tier ratings system. A: aEUoeLuxury is the best of the best. We represent luxury condominiums at the Hyatt Grand, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis Residences and the Little Nell Condominiums, as well as a few select luxury units around town. Deluxe is very nice; just not as many luxury finishes and amenities that a luxury unit has. Standard units have all the basic features and are very reasonably priced.aEU

Q: What about economy lodging units? aEUoeWe have a few economy units, but many of them are working to move into the standard and deluxe category. Frias has certain criteria for each rating, and many owners are finding that the aEU~sweet spot' for maximum rentals and revenue for the owner is in the higher-end standard or deluxe-rated units.aEU

Q: Why is that? A: aEUoeI think travelers these days expect quality and price when booking accommodations. We of course get very positive responses from our guests who book luxury, but we also receive tons of feedback from guests who really enjoyed their stay in a deluxe property. I think a lot of people would see a deluxe unit and just assume that it's luxury. They're very comfortable!aEU

Q: Explain Custom Rentals and how that's different from booking a regular rental. A: aEUoeFrias has an inventory of more than 200 homes and condominiums, and a number of units at the luxury brands I mentioned. That seems like a lot, but sometimes guests still cannot find what they're looking for. That's when our Custom Rentals team can step in to find the right lodging. We have a number of brokers who have contacts and access to additional lodging options. Through their network of contacts, they have access to basically every available rental in Aspen. Our brokers will take your requests and see what's out there. When they find what you're looking for, our brokers work with the property owner to negotiate the best rental rate for you. Our brokers do all the work negotiating for you so you can enjoy your vacation hassle free.aEU

Q: Can I book a Custom Rental online? A: aEUoeUnfortunately, no. The entire Frias inventory is available online at our website, and all of them can be booked 24/7 online. But the Custom Rentals cannot be booked online directly because our brokers need to reach out to the owners to negotiate the best price for you. Also, Custom Rentals are not always available because the owners often times use them during peak seasons. But there's plenty available. If it's out there, our brokers can find it.aEU

Q: If you had friends or family coming to visit, where would you suggest they stay? A: aEUoeIf my friends visited, I'd probably have them reserve lodging at the Independence Square. Like I said, it's right downtown and within walking distance to everything. Also, there's a really cool rooftop hot tub that has mountain and town views. Also, they offer a complimentary Continental breakfast every day. If my parents or family were visiting, I'd probably have them stay at the Fasching Haus in the winter months, and the Chateau Roaring Fork in the summertime. Both are only a short walk downtown, but a little more quiet than the Indy. The Fasching Haus has a real mountain lodge feel to it, which is perfect for winter. The Chateau Roaring Fork is perfect for summer because the Roaring Fork River runs right by it. I'd recommend a room with a deck overlooking the river. Plus, both the Fasching Haus and Chateau Roaring Fork have their own pool, hot tub and workout room.aEU