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Vacation getaways to Aspen, Colorado, on an affordable budget? It can be done!

Posted: 13 Mar 2013

BLOG NOTE: This blog post is from a previous season. To view our most recent blog posts, click here.

For years, Aspen, Colorado, has had a reputation as being "expensive," and that regular people just don't fit in -- or can't afford to fit in. That pervasive stigma may have been true at one point (many, many years ago), but today's Aspen is filled with everyone from youthful snowboarders to new families with small children to retired couples looking to get away.

Today, our blog team breaks down exactly how to plan an affordable getaway to Aspen. To help us plan the perfect Aspen getaway on an affordable budget, we recruited Frias Properties vacation specialist Andrew Myatt to help us out. Andrew has been with the company for many years and is a long-time local as well as an accomplished recreational skier and professional deal seeker! Below, Andrew shares some of his local insights with our blog readers about how to plan that perfect Aspen getaway.

Q: I'm hoping you can help us plan an affordable Aspen vacation. We are on a somewhat limited budget, but really want to come to Aspen and check it out. What's the first thing I need to know?

A: "Whether you plan ahead or last-minute, there are great deals to be had at every time of the year."

Q: When should we plan to come? We are pretty open as long as it's not super expensive.

A: "Early season, before Christmas, is very affordable and in the end of March/early April for the ski season. The end of May and early June as well as September are great times to save money in the summer season."

Q: Should we fly in to Aspen or to Denver? Or somewhere else?

A: "Denver is the cheapest for flights, but once you get the rental car or the shuttle it might be easiest to fly direct and not rent a car. Rental cars are an expense you can easily cut out."

Q: What if we drive to Aspen? Is there parking?

A: "Most of our complexes have off-street parking, but parking in Aspen can be a challenge."

Q: Do we really need a car?

A: "No."

Q: What are your top three summer lodging choices? Remember, we are on a limited budget.

A: "Silverglo is always a good option, the Chateau Chaumont or Chateau Dumont during the summer are inexpensive. Also, the Independence Square is always affordable."

Q: What are your top three winter choices?

A: "Silverglo, Chateau Roaring Fork, Chateau Eau Claire, and Independence Square."

Q: We see that almost all your lodging comes with a full kitchen?

A: "Yes, all of our condos have full kitchens and come fully stocked. Great way to save money, eating in."

Q: What are a few FREE things we can do in Aspen?

A: "Hike, bike, sit outside the Music Tent, fly a kite, read a book, go to the skate park."

Q: What's the best (and cheapest) way to get in a day of skiing or snowboarding?

A: "Hike up to the upper part of Highlands or know someone that has a premier pass and get one of their 50% off discounts."

Q: Where can we eat inexpensively?

A: "In your condo, or at New York Pizza, or at any bar menu in town."

Q: Where can we score a cheap brew?

A: "Most places during happy hour."