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What's the Difference Between a Condo and a Townhome for Vacation Rental?

Posted: 10 Mar 2015

When booking a vacation rental reservation, it's important to know the difference between a condominium and townhome. Frias Properties represents more than 200 lodging accommodations in downtown Aspen, and most of them are either condominiums or town homes. Making the important choice between a condo or townhome can be an important part of any vacation decision. This week, our blog team takes a closer look at the difference between the two, and offers a few representative choices for each.


The main difference between a condominium and a town home is the layout of the unit. Condominiums are typically classified as being constructed on one level, while a townhome is spread out over multiple levels. But, while a condominium may be laid out on one level, it doesn't mean that it is always a ground-floor unit. In Aspen, there are condominiums on the second and third floors of buildings as well. In downtown Aspen, and in most of the residential areas around town, you're sure to find a number of condominiums available for rent. The valley that Aspen sits in is relatively flat in the downtown, West End and East Aspen area, making it conducive to singular condominiums built on one level at a complex. Condominiums can be a great fit for families with young children or others that want to be close together. Many condominiums have a centrally-locate main living area with an adjacent kitchen and dining area. Most times, the bedrooms are off of the main living area and close to one another. Most of the units Frias represents have a master bathroom in the master bedroom. Guest bedrooms either have their own en suite bathroom or share a hallway bathroom. Even at the base of Aspen Mountain, there are condominiums to be had at great rates. Here you find a number of 2- and 3-bedroom units at the Chateau Chaumont and Chateau Dumont in downtown Aspen about one block east of the Silver Queen Gondola. Guests enjoy the central location of both buildings, which are right next to one another. The Chateau Chaumont has a private hot tub in its courtyard, and the Chateau Dumont has a courtyard with a community gas grill. Take your pick! Our guests also enjoy the complimentary rides to and from the Aspen airport upon arrival and departure. Not to mention, all Frias guests receive full concierge services and complimentary passes to the Aspen Club & Spa during the duration of their stay.

Another popular choice for guests is the Silverglo condos about four blocks east of the gondola. The Silverglo offers 1- to 4-bedroom units ranging from economy to deluxe rated, and has a number of amenities including a complimentary ski shuttle during the winter, Aspen Club passes, complimentary airport transfers and an outdoor pool kept a Jacuzzi temperatures when it's cold out!


In Aspen, due to the terrain and space constraints, it's often best to build vertically rather than horizontally. Townhomes (or townhouses) are single units designed and built over multiple levels. In Aspen, townhomes can be two, three or even four levels. Townhomes will usually have one floor devoted to the main living area: the living room, kitchen and dining area. This may be the top floor of the unit, since that's typically where the best views are. The bedrooms, depending on how many, are usually spread out on other levels. Sometimes all the bedrooms are on one level; other times the master bedroom is on one level and the other bedrooms on another level. In some cases, the master bedroom is on the top level because of the great views. Townhomes are great for those looking for a little more space - in particular bedrooms being separated in some cases. Friends or couples, or families with more grown children will enjoy the benefits of renting a townhome vacation rental. In some cases, those who are staying in the master bedroom may want a little privacy, or some separation from the other guests! Often times, the second, third, or fourth bedrooms may be close to one another or share a bathroom, so keep that in mind. Townhomes are everywhere on the mountain, since the vertical design helps utilize space constraints. The Alpenblick Townhomes are only one block from downtown Aspen and the gondola, and feature 3- to 4-bedroom townhomes rated standard to deluxe. The Alpenblick has its own heated pool, ski lockers, onsite parking and complimentary Wi-Fi. Other amenities include Aspen Club & Spa passes and complimentary Aspen airport transfers. Another important detail to keep in mind is that since the main living level is usually the level with the views, it often means that the bedrooms are on a lower level, often times the ground floor or basement level. So, if waking up to the sunrise in your bedroom window is your thing, then you might want to think again when renting a townhome. (Or make sure you rent a townhome with a master bedroom on the top floor!)


Because of the mountainous terrain around Aspen, builders can incorporate either or both into the design of the complex. Some complexes have a unique mix of condominiums and townhomes. The Fasching Haus, only two blocks from downtown Aspen and the gondola, features both condominiums and townhomes ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms and rated standard to deluxe. The Fasching Haus has a heated outdoor pool, hot tub and community grill, onsite concierge services and check-in, a fitness center, Aspen Club & Spa passes, airport transfers, onsite free parking and complimentary Wi-Fi.