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Why you should consider renting a private home instead of staying at a condo or hotel

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Posted: 18 Dec 2012

If youaEU(tm)re looking to reserve an amazing Aspen, Colorado, vacation, there are plenty of options to be sure. Weeding through those choices and finding the best fit for you, your family, or your group can make all the difference. A At Frias Properties alone, potential guests can select from more than 200 condominiums, ranging in size from 1-4 bedrooms and rated from economy to deluxe. And, if youaEU(tm)re bringing a larger group to Aspen, you may need numerous condos to fulfill your lodging needs. But what if you could get your entire group under one roof in one of our private homes instead of using multiple condos?

Selecting one of our Aspen homes for rent, gives you privacy and flexibility. Many potential guests choose a private home for the extra space aEU" closets, extra storage and garages are common in our private homes. Frias Properties offers homes close to downtown Aspen, in the historic West End and on majestic Red Mountain overlooking the entire valley. HereaEU(tm)s a few reasons you should consider renting a private home instead of staying at a condo or hotel:

STAY TOGETHER aEU" DonaEU(tm)t have your group spread out in several room, or possibly in a different building. A private home allows you to all stay together, so everyone is included in all the fun! FriasaEU(tm) private homes often have large living area and dens, so the whole group can gather under one roof.

SAVE MONEY aEU" Surprisingly, renting a private home can be affordable. If youaEU(tm)re traveling with a group of friends, dividing the cost of one home aEU" instead of multiple condos aEU" can save you money.

AVAILABILITY aEU" While Aspen may run short on traditional aEUoehotels,aEU there are plenty of townhomes and homes available all over town. From right downtown to majestic Red Mountain and secluded Starwood, there are amazing homes available in all price ranges. Renting a private home through Frias Properties allows you to stay right where you want to be.

ADDITIONAL SPACE aEU" Families or large groups enjoy the added space, as well as amenities like individual beds and bathrooms and their own TVs. Some of FriasaEU(tm) private homes can even include a workout room, a library or a spacious outdoor deck with a hot tub.

COOKING IN THE KITCHEN aEU" Save even more money by preparing meals at home. All Frias private homes come with fully equipped kitchens. Imagine cooking that wonderful family dinner, with the aroma wafting through the entire home! (This is also important if you have guests or family with special dietary needs.)

LAUNDRY aEU" DonaEU(tm)t fight the crowds at a condo complex laundry room. Having your own washer and dryer at your home allow you to do everything from drying your ski socks to full loads of laundry.

LIVE LIKE A LOCAL! aEU" Your private home is just that aEU| a home. Shop for groceries. Take a leisurely walk. Meet your neighbors. Ski the hill. Enjoy some aprA"s-ski. Appreciate Aspen. Staying in a private home is the closest thing to being a real aEUoeAspenite.aEU