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7 Mar 2023
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Aspen Snowmass Vacation Blog

Anyone who has lived in a ski town will tell you that closing day is one of the most anticipated weekends of the ski season. Yes, it's bittersweet to say farewell to winter, but closing day is a time to look back and toast a ski season well-spent.

With four unique ski areas, Aspen Snowmass hosts FOUR incredible closing-day celebrations. Read on to learn more about the unique flavor of each closing day. 

JUST ANNOUNCED! With heavy snowfall in January and February, Aspen Mountain and Aspen Highland's ski season has been extended by one week. Aspen Highlands will close on April 16th and Aspen Mountain will now close on April 23rd.

Buttermilk Closing Day

"The Biscuit," as its fondly called, is the first to stop spinning its lifts and celebrates the end of the season on April 2, 2023 with Bacon Appreciation Day. Buttermilk is overrun with salty-sweet treats, including bacon waffles at The Cliffhouse, bacon doughnuts from ColoraDough, bacon samplers all over the mountain, and a bacon-and-beer happy hour at Bumps. 

If you plan to indulge in all that bacon, sign up for the Fueled by Bacon Sizzle Up, an uphill race starting at 8 a.m. with prizes for best costume, the "center cut" (racer who is exactly in the middle of the pack), and the winner of course.  

The Cliffhouse at Buttermilk, photo courtesy of Aspen Snowmass

The Cliffhouse atop Buttermilk, on a quieter (and lower calorie) day | Photo: Aspen Snowmass, Jordan Curet

Bacon Day at Buttermilk

Bacon Day at Buttermilk includes a lot of BACON! | Photo: Aspen Snowmass

Aspen Highlands Closing Day

Mark your calendar for April 16, 2023. The Aspen Highlands closing party is notorious for its riotous dance party at the base after the lifts officially close. But if you want to really do it right, arrive in costume and spend the whole day on the mountain.

Hike the Highland Bowl and high-five the patrollers barbequing at the summit. Stop by Cloud Nine for a glass of champagne and a dance party on the deck. Have a snack at "Picnic Point," where crowds gather to soak in the views of Pyramid Peak. And finally, make sure you're at the base in time for the ski patrol descent when the crowd bestows the team with well-earned cheers for another season in the books.

Once the DJ starts the party at the base, settle in for gyration in ski boots until after the sun sets!

Want a front-row penthouse? Book a vacation week at The Ritz-Carlton Club at Aspen Highlands, ground zero for all the closing-day festivities.

aspen highlands closing day bowl hike

Tag the top of Highland Bowl on closing day! | Photo: Aspen Snowmass, Catherine Aeppel

Aspen highlands closing party

For some partygoers, the dance party at Highlands is the main and only event. | Photo: Aspen Snowmass

Snowmass Closing Day

Snowmass will close on April 16, 2023.  Snowmass hosts a full weekend of celebrations.  Details for Snowmass's 2023 closing day have not been announced yet. Stay tuned for more info!

Elk Camp Closing Day at Snowmass

Elk Camp will surely be the center of on-mountain closing day festivities this year. | Photo: Aspen Snowmass, Hal Williams

Gwyns High Alpine Closing Day Snowmass

Don't forget to stop by Gwyn's High Alpine on closing day at Snowmass. | Photo: Aspen Snowmass, Hal Williams

Aspen Mountain Closing Day

Season extended! Thanks to plentiful snowfall this spring, Aspen Snowmass has extended Aspen Mountain's ski season by a week. Closing day is scheduled for April 23, 2023.

As the birthplace of Aspen skiing, Aspen Mountain has many historic traditions for closing day. For example, locals gather atop Ridge of Bell at 1 p.m. for the infamous "Bump Off," a kamikaze race down the mogul field under the gondola. Spectators gather on Gent's Ridge to watch as skiers either make it or explode, with both results giving the crowds what they want!

Aspen Snowmass hosts closing-day celebrations at the Sundeck. A recent theme was 80's Prom and included a live DJ and a costume contest. 

At the base of Aspen Mountain, Ajax Tavern and Chica will turn up the music at dueling apres-ski parties, and the sunny patios will stay rocking until well after the lifts have stopped spinning.

Aspen Mountain Closing Day

Flashing back to last year's 80's Prom atop Aspen Mountain on closing day | Photo: Aspen Snowmass, Hal Williams

Ajax Tavern at Aspen Mountain

Don't forget to get one last glass of apres-ski rose at the Ajax Tavern! | Photo: Aspen Snowmass, Daniel Bayer

Are you ready to join us for closing day?

Now that you know how to experience all four closing days like a pro, join us in Aspen! Browse our lodging deals, search for a rental, or contact us for recommendations.

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