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Visitor's Guide to Aspen Lodging

Posted: 24 Oct 2012

We have released our first ever infographic today which shows that we now have more inventory rated "deluxe" than any other category it represents. According to the Frias website, deluxe units are described as "well-constructed, well-appointed condominiums featuring excellent furnishings, art and superior amenities such as a spa or pool, fireplace and a home entertainment system highlight a deluxe unit at Frias. Light, views and appealing design enhance the livability of these vacation rentals."

We use a four-tier rental unit rating system to meet your expectations. Frias rates its lodging by four categories - Luxury, Deluxe, Standard and Economy. Before we agree to manage vacation lodging for any Aspen, Colorado, vacation rental property, they carefully evaluate its interior and exterior appearance, construction quality and condition, as well as guest amenities. That evaluation, along with product descriptions and customer evaluations, assure you that guests will be satisfied with the lodging and rental properties that Frias offers. One step above "deluxe" is "luxury." Frias also boasts Aspen's largest inventory at luxury brands such as the Hyatt Grand Aspen, Ritz-Carlton Club and St. Regis Residences. For more about luxury lodging, CLICK HERE or call (800) 633-0336. Have a look at the informational graphic below. It showcases a few of the more popular lodging option that Frias represents, beginning with the popular Galena Street Neighborhood - a collection of complexes known for its quality and location near downtown Aspen and the gondola!