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Aspen locals give their insider tips for a successful skiing outing

Posted: 12 Dec 2012

BLOG NOTE: This blog post is from a previous season. To view our most recent blog posts, click here.

When your office is a block from Aspen Mountain, it is probably safe to say that there may be some skiers in the workplace. Aspen Mountain is both a backyard and a playground. It wasn't easy, but we got our locals to give you some insider tips about Aspen skiing.

At the Frias main office at 730 E. Durant Avenue, many of the staff enjoy ski outings during their lunch breaks. Stop by around lunchtime, and you are sure to see shirts, ties and slacks transform into skis, poles and goggles.

In 2011-12, several Frias employees logged more than 50 days on the hill, while Andrew Myatt earned his third straight 100-day pin. This year, he' s going for number four.

When you work in Aspen and have The Power of Four (the Aspen Snowmass slogan representing the four local ski resorts), you don' t necessarily limit yourself to one mountain. Frias employee enjoy the spoils of four amazing resorts: Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass. Each unique in its own right, these mountains offer a plethora of powder possibilities.

What do you need to know when planning your Aspen skiing day? This week, our blog team rounded up six of our best employee skiers: Managing Partner Tim Clark, vacation specialist Jenny Jacque and brokers Dennis Jung, Sam Green, Will Burggraf and Andrew Myatt. We asked them for their insider tips on all things ski-related. Here are their answers:

Q: What is your favorite ski mountain?

Tim: "Snowmass."

Dennis: "Aspen Mountain."

Sam: "Aspen Mountain for half days and Snowmass for full days."

Will: "Aspen Mountain. You get the most vertical in the shortest amount of time and can change up you run every single run even if you take the same lift. Or you can do a long top to bottom and take the gondola."

Jenny: "Aspen Highlands."

Andrew: "Ajax [Aspen Mountain, as the locals call it]."

Q: What is your favorite ski run?

Tim: "Cirque to Hanging Valley Headwall."

Dennis: "Silver Queen/Elevator Shaft."

Sam: "AMF in Snowmass, S1 in Aspen, and then there is always Highlands Bowl."

Will: "Back of Bell to the shoulder on a big powder day."

Andrew: "Too many to list."

Q: Where is your favorite spot to grab a bite while skiing?

Tim: "Elk Camp."

Dennis: "Bonnie's."

Sam: "The Sundeck on the top of Aspen Mountain is hard to beat. [The] food is good, quick and reasonable. For a great day, hike the Highlands Bowl and then enjoy a well-deserved lunch at Cloud 9 Bistro. You can make a reservation on the chairlift."

Will: "Lunch is for wimps. [Quoting the movie Wall Street] Save your appetite for beers and wings after. Plenty of great spots take your pick."

Andrew: "I like to get Big Wrap and enjoy it on the gondola."

Q: How do you handle the lift lines? Any secrets?

Tim: "Typically, there are none, or just hire a pro with"

Dennis: "Use Lift 1A."

Sam: "I go through the instructor's line. You can, too, if you hire me or another ski pro."

Will: "What lift lines?"

Jenny: "Bring a friend along and chat it up. If it is a really nice day and we want to get a bunch of runs in, we will go up in the single line. [It] saves a lot of waiting time."

Andrew: "They never seem to be that bad, especially if you use the singles line. Only about twice a year do I have to take the hike over to Lift 1A during super-busy times."

Q: What' s your secret powder spot?

Tim: "Possible to Strawberry Patch at Snowmass or Tower 17 on Bell Mountain."

Dennis: "It's a secret!"

Sam: "For that you definitely have to hire me for the day as a ski pro."

Will: "Secret, so why even ask?"

Andrew: "It is a secret for a reason."

Q: What' s your favorite on-mountain amenity?

Tim: "Ice rink at Elk Camp."

Dennis: "The gondola."

Sam: "Cider rules at the morning ambassador stations. Keeps you hydrated."

Andrew: "The gondola."

Q: My best locals tip is ...

Tim: "Hike the Bowl then lunch at Cloud 9."

Dennis: "Ski Lift 1A."

Sam: "Become a local. Renting for the season just once in your life or investing in property here you will quickly experience a life that is superior to any vacation."

Andrew: "Keep your tips up and stay on Buttermilk if you are a beginner."

Q: Here' s a little-known fact about Aspen skiing ...

Tim: "The Power of Four offers over 5,700 skiable acres, highest elevation of 12,500 feet and longest run of 5.3 miles."

Dennis: "The shorter you are, the deeper the powder."

Sam: "Snowmass is three times larger than Aspen Mountain, Highlands and Buttermilk combined."

Andrew: "Aspen Mountain is not for gapers, you really need to know how to ski."

Q: Dude, I totally saw (blank) while I was skiing!

Tim: "Lindsey Vonn."

Dennis: "The light!"

Andrew: "Seal and Christie Brinkley."

Q: Anything we forgot?

Tim: "Give Will Burggraf ample room on the hill!"

Andrew: "With the other three mountains here [in addition to Aspen Mountain], Aspen/Snowmass is hands down the best resort to ski in Colorado. Four completely different mountains on one lift ticket."