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Aspen Music Festival: June 30 - Aug. 21, 2022

The summer season has been announced, and events will be held between June 30 - Aug. 21, 2022. The calendar of events is posted online, and tickets went on sale in April 2022.

Founded during the same era as Aspen's ski areas, the Aspen Music Festival and School has brought high culture to the high country for more than seven decades. It's regarded as one of the top classical music festivals in the nation -- lauded for its concerts and educational programs for young-adult musicians -- as well as one of the favored Aspen summer activities for locals and visitors alike.

The summer season runs for eight weeks and includes more than 400 classical music events attended by more than 100,000 audience members. Events include orchestral concerts, solo and chamber music performances, opera productions, masters classes, lectures and children's programming. 

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