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With so much to see during any time of year, we recommend buckling up and hitting the road to take in some of Aspen’s best sights. 

Top 3 Scenic Drives Departing From Downtown Aspen

Independence Pass. Head east on Highway 82 and wind up Independence Pass. There are many places to pull off the road and check out points of interest, like Weller Lake Trailhead, The Grottos, Independence ghost town, and the summit of the pass at the Continental Divide. (Approx. 45 minutes, 20 miles)

Aspen to Marble. From Aspen, head west on Highway 82 until you reach Carbondale and signs for Hwy 133. Wind through the box canyon past the quaint town of Redstone alongside the Crystal River. Follow signs to remote Marble, where the canyon opens up and trees splash across mountainsides. Slow Groovin’ BBQ is a great spot for lunch, or continue up McClure Pass for dramatic views. (Approx. 1 hour 20 minutes, 57 miles)

Castle Creek to Ashcroft. From Aspen, head west on Highway 82 and take the Castle Creek exit at the roundabout. Wind up this beautiful two-lane road, past wide-open meadows with meandering streams, huge swaths of aspen trees, and many places to pull over to enjoy the views. Stop at Ashcroft ghost town, near the end of the road, for a walk among relics, and finish up with lunch at Pine Creek Cookhouse. (Approx. 40 minutes, 14 miles)

Taking the Road Less Traveled

Jeep tours are popular ways to experience the jaw-dropping views and beautiful panoramas. Travel through aromatic pine forests as you climb to aspen groves overlooking vistas that go on forever. 

Our Concierge Team can help with recommendations, scheduling, and answer any questions you may have about the rentals and tours listed below.

Jeep Tours

Take the road less traveled (literally!) in a rugged but comfortable off-road vehicle. Drive through aromatic pine forests as you climb to aspen groves overlooking vistas that go on forever.

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