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Road & Mountain Bike Trails

Aspen and the White River National Forest provide spectacular and challenging terrain for mountain and road bikers. Please remember: Motorized vehicles are not allowed within the Wilderness boundaries, including mountain bikes. Keep in mind, three-fourths of the Aspen district is comprised of wilderness area, so refer to the list below for available trails.

For more information, call our concierge desk at (970) 925-9075 or e-mail.

Bicycle Rentals, Sales and Repair

Four Mountain Sports Bike Rentals

Four Mountain Sports will come and pick up your bike so you don't have to ride back. Simply jump on the bus or via taxi home, and be bike free. The discount vouchers provided by Four Mountain Sports and the Aspen Skiing Company that are delivered to all hotels/lodges in town are the best deal available. Call (970) 920-2337.

Pick-Up Service: Ride from any location to Woody Creek. Enjoy lunch/margaritas and for just $5.00.

Downhill Skills Park Beginner Clinic: This free one-hour skills clinic is designed to cover the basics of downhill riding. Clinics are open for all downhill riders with Bike Snowmass access. Available 7 days a week at 10:30 a.m., 12:00 p.m and 2:00 p.m. Meet at the top of the Elk Camp Gondola with your bike and be ready to ride!

Bike Butlers

Same great service Ski Butlers provides with Ski Rentals now with bike rentals. Offering shuttle pick-up at the end of your day's ride! Call for reservations: (970) 300-4912.


  1. Reserve your bikes
  2. We'll bring them to you
  3. Any issues, we'll come help you
  4. We'll pick the bikes up
  5. Want to take the bikes one way for lunch or drinks? Bike Butlers will pick you up for an additional $25 per person. All rentals include bike delivery, pick up, and a helmet.

For more information, call our concierge desk at (970) 925-9075 or e-mail.

Additional Aspen Bike Vendors

Aspen Sports provides 20% discount to all Frias Properties guests! Call (970) 925-6331.

Ajax Bike & Sport offers 2-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour and 24-hour rental options. (Most shops offer only 4 hours or full day). offers 2h; 4h; 8h and 24h rentals. Most shops rent for 4h or full day only. (We recommend using this shop if you need to rent a bike for a shorter period of time.) Call the Aspen shop at (970) 925-7662.

Blazing Adventures has a limited inventory of bikes (cruisers), but does offer groups of 4 or more the discounted rate of $35 per day, per bike. Call (800) 282-7738.

For more information, call our concierge desk at (970) 925-9075 or e-mail.